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Tyres Wroughton

Looking for better options for durable and long-running car tyres Wroughton? Stop your search and visit Phillip Tyres, as we have set a gold standard for delivering products worth every penny of our customers. We have spread our accessibility in various counties and towns like Wroughton, Grove, Wheatley, Thame, Banbury, etc so that none of the customers will experience any service issues.


Variety of tyres starting from all-season tyres to summer and winter tyres are available at Philips Tyres. We have tied up with big brands like Nexen, Maxxis, Continental, Dunlop, Bridgestone etc to excel in tyre services. Car owners in search of high-performance tyres Wroughton for their sports cars or finding car tyres for off-road capabilities can stop their search and rely on us. Tyre specifications differ from vehicle to vehicle and we understand this fact perfectly. Depending on the width, profile, size, and speed, we at My Oxford Tyres suggest the perfect tyre for its customers.

At our facility, we have a clear demonstration of tyres types and its specification, so a customer gets a clear idea to go along with their needs. Apart from tyres, valve changes, puncture repairs, and tyres re-trading services are also provided at My Oxford Tyres.

We are also a perfect place to bag tyres from reputed brands at affordable prices. My Oxford Tyres values its customer's time and money and thus is known to provide quality cheap tyres Wroughton can take advantage of.

    • Wheel alignment

Have you ever faced dragging of a car at one side while driving at low speed or excess consumption of fuel for the same distance? You might have experienced uneven tyre wear or jerkings through steering wheels. Your car needs a balanced alignment of tyres and we at My Oxford Tyres can serve you the same.

To enjoy a safe ride on any car, owners should go for wheel alignment either using new tyres or older ones. Aligning wheels can also increase the life of your car tyres and prevent premature tire wear.

At My Oxford Tyres, German technology is brought in use for your car wheel alignment Wroughton can take advantage of it. An ultramodern Hofmann machine will set tyres of cars, that meet the standards of every automobile manufacturer. Toe (in or out) alignment, thrust alignment, front-end wheel alignment, and four-wheel alignment are varieties of alignments offered at our facility.

    • Alloy wheels

To have a long-lasting tyre, we at My Oxford Tyres deal in alloy wheels for almost all automobile brands and configure your loved car for it.

Being a combination of aluminium alloys, such wheels are not harming the suspension of your car and you can have quick acceleration and stopping performance.

Your car will have rust-free, specially designed and coloured alloy wheels matching with your personality and status. We have a wide range of alloy wheels Wroughton to serve cars from every manufacturer and based on the manufacturing year, car and size of tyre. You can find out the best suitable option and a reasonable price for your car’s alloy wheel.

We also deal with alloy wheel refurbishment so that you can give some extraordinary sense of colours to your car.

My Oxford Tyres provides these services at special discounted rates and can assure you of delivering other services like summer or winter check, tyre pressure, suspension, brakes or even battery services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for excellent and affordable car services.

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