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Syron Tyres

SYRON Hochleistungsreifen is an eminent tyre brand manufactured by KESKIN Europa GmbH. The brand has witnessed unparalleled development since its establishment in 2004. The brand comes in a German make has already made a mark for itself in the sphere of ultra-high-performance tyres. Over the years, the brand has expanded to offer a wide range of tyres, for both cars and lorries, and for diverse road and weather conditions. Tyres may appear to simply be round and black objects, but there is a lot more to them. Their competency lies in the special designs that serve specific purposes to cover an array of applications and meet unique customer requirements and desires concerning tyres.

Thoroughly Tested for Quality Assurance

Each SYRON Tyres are tested every step of the way, right from the development stage to ascertain guaranteed first-class quality for use worldwide. Each tyre is built to render comfort while you ride through diverse climatic conditions. Constant improvement in quality and TU and TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) certification standards form an integral part of our development process that are our customer satisfaction assurers, and also the promoters of our long-term innovation.

Environmentally Compatible

High-performance tyres by SYRON utilise the latest technologies for its manufacturing, making a deliberate effort to minimise any damage to the environment. Its manufacturers assure that these tyres comply with the EU Guidelines through the production process and use materials that bring no harm to the environment. Their BlueTech range especially incorporates a balanced ecology, putting into motion the environmentally friendly aspects.

Recognised Value for Money

SYRON High-performance tyres have received recognition in varied capacities – their products have been featured on two of the biggest Quality Inspection Magazines “Promobil” and “Lastauto Omnibus”. Its product “Everest 1” has been honoured with the winning award for “Best Value for money”. Excelling across these performance criteria, we have successfully struck the perfect balance of monetary affordability and premier quality. Furthermore, this tyre has also swept away the highest rating against the “External rolling noise” criteria, a prominent measure for tyre quality performance criteria. We envisage taking this evolution and success further to develop the most advanced tyres that are also pocket-friendly.

Race Track to Road

A range of the SYRON Tyres is specially designed to hit the race tracks. Its semi-slick racing tyres have been the choice of champion elite drifters in Europe, Alexander and Corinna Gräff of “Gräff Team”. They recorded a spectacle victory with the Syron product ” SYRON Race 1 Plus”. SYRON StreetRace has also been a favourite for those looking to be a part of drifting-sports.

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