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Cars play a major role in our everyday lives as they enable us to drive from one place to another.

When on road, it is of utmost importance for a motorist to maintain the required safety. MOT test is an excellent way to prove your car’s roadworthiness, and hence its safety. Therefore, My Oxford Tyres conduct genuine MOT oxford, authenticated by the government itself.

What are MOT tests?

MOT test inspects some vital components of your vehicle, so your safety and comfort are never compromised. Generally, the test is conducted on an annual basis for vehicles older than 3 years from the date of manufacture. Experts at My Oxford Tyres inspects your car’s brakes, clutch, engine, wheels, tyres, seat belts, handbrakes, windscreen, etc. In case, any of these components fail to perform as per the MOT Oxford standards, you will be required to reappear for MOT testing within 10 days after getting the necessary repairs done. 

Moreover, you should know that it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a ‘fail’ MOT certificate. You can only drive to an auto-garage with a ‘fail’ MOT certificate for retest or repairs.

Pre-MOT checklist 

    • Brakes: It is vital to ensure that your car’s brakes perform accurately as per the MOT or APK standards. Any subpar braking performance can lead your car to fail its MOT test Oxford.
    • Suspension: In case your car’s shock absorbers or struts fail to absorb the impact of hopping and bumps on the road, your car is most likely to fail the MOT test.
    • Handbrake: If by any chance, your car’s handbrakes move freely without much effort, it can lead to an MOT Oxford failure.
    • Seats and Seatbelts: You must ensure that your car’s seats and belts are in proper conditions.

    • Exhaust: If MOT experts find any exhaust leak or funny sounds from your car’s exhaust, you must get it repaired or risk failing the MOT tests.
    • Tyres: If your car’s tyre tread depth is below 1.6 mm, they will be marked as illegal, and your car will fail its MOT test. 
    • Headlights and indicators: The lights should impart illumination of required intensity.

Risks of driving on failed MOT certificate

Driving a vehicle with a failed MOT certificate is both illegal and unsafe. Moreover, if your car get caught by any local authorities, you will be subjected to a fine up to 2500 pounds or a ban from driving for life or both.

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My Oxford Tyres is a Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) certified MOT centre. Visit us today to get your vehicle tested for its MOT. Moreover, we provide a free MOT re-testing within ten days if your car fails its MOT test Oxford.

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