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Are you looking for Performance Tyres for your vehicle?


If you are looking for the best set of performance tyres to complement your brand new sports car, you are at the right place. We, My Oxford Tyres, are famous for our wide variety of sports car tyres. With their unique design, tread patterns and rubber compound, performance tyres are poised to deliver high performance all the time.

What is a performance tyre?

Performance tyres are specialised tyres explicitly manufactured for the motorist who intends to drive at high speeds. Best performance tyres offer maximum traction along with excellent steering qualities.

If stability and precision at high speed are important to you, then performance tyres are best suited for your needs.

 Benefits of using Performance tyres –

These types of car tyres are designed for high speed and nimbleness. They have a completely different tread pattern to ensure lowest rolling resistance while providing optimum grip on the road. Some of the benefits of using them are –

  • Better speed.
  • Accurate steering response.
  • Enhanced grip.
  • Increased cornering ability.

If you have a sports car, these tyres are your best choice. Every single product that we, My Oxford Tyres, sell ensures that you get that speed and performance you always wanted. However, it comes with a cost; best performance tyres are not fuel efficient, and they are relatively more expensive than ordinary tyres.

What will you get from our shop?

Right now, the UK market has a number of companies which make excellent tyres, especially in the performance segment. At our shop, you will find almost every single brand of performance car tyres at attractive prices.

Some of the brands available at our shop are–

We also sell tyres online. You will have the option to add your car’s model and rim size on our website, and it will show some of the best-suited options.

Visit us today for a fresh set of tyres

If you want to grab the best performance tyres at an excellent price, you should visit My Oxford Tyres today. We are one of the largest distributors and sellers of car tyres Oxford. Also, if you haven’t decided what to buy yet, we will help you pick the perfect one depending on your driving style, vehicle type and budget. Moreover, you can avail tyre fitting and wheel alignment services under the same roof.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today and get the perfect pair for your brand new sports car.

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