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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


We all know about tyre pressure, don’t we? That PSI value that comes in the label of every tyre, which your car dealer has mentioned to you, and said that you would find it in the owner’s manual for any future reference?

Well, maintaining the correct tyre pressure is essential, in ensuring that your vehicle runs in a more efficient way while staying safe for both you and your loved ones. However, it is a tedious task that requires some tools and gauges, and if you are not careful, you can decrease its pressure while measuring it.

To relieve you from all the hassles of measuring the pressure, we, My Oxford Tyres, have now brought our tyre pressure check garage in your neighbourhood. Bring your car to our workshop, and we will ensure that your vehicle has the correct pressure, defined by the manufacturer.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it’s important to check your car’s tyre pressure now and then.


Bridgestone studies have shown that 6% of fatal traffic accidents have been caused by a rupture or a sudden tyre pressure loss. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tyres with too low air pressure extend the braking distance by as much as 22 percent.


Tyres with too low air pressure lead to higher fuel usage, especially around a city like Oxford. Studies carried out in Canada have shown that the right tyre pressure allows the average car driver to save two weeks’ worth of fuel each year.

Also, according to studies by Bridgestone, too low a tyre pressure can reduce the life of the tyres by 40 percent. So, we recommend at least one tyre pressure check at Oxford every three months.

Environmental Protection

According to studies by the Bridgestone Technical Centre Europe, the EU motorists prematurely lose around 29.6 million tyres per year, plus around 3.4 billion pounds for unnecessarily burnt fuel. As a result, 7.5 billion pounds are being wasted, and 9.2 megatons of CO2 released into the environment. These results come from the tyre test of 31,178 cars in the 14 EU countries.

Now that we know why tyre pressure checks are necessary, let’s see what leads to the tyre pressure loss –

According to studies by the American Department of Transport, low tyre pressure results in 85% of the cases of a slow puncture and a regular air loss. Only 15% of the cases occur from the air loss caused by severe damage.

We have seen multiple customers over the years complaining about how their car’s tyres deflate on their own. Almost all of them reported that the issue was mitigated once we introduced a periodic habit of tyre pressure check at Oxford.

What are the causes of natural tyre pressure loss?

  • Improper assembly,
  • Influence of temperature,
  • Small Damages, and
  • Leaky valves

How often should you get a tyre pressure check?

Our experts recommend at least one check once every three months. Also, we cannot help but emphasise the fact that you must get it checked before you go for any long drive.

The best solution is to visit our tyre pressure check garage

You can come to our workshop at any time to get your vehicle's tyre pressure checked free of charge. We will do it for you quickly and top up the pressure if necessary. We will certainly also take a look at the tyres for you to make sure they are okay.

Your car's manufacturer recommends the tyre pressure, and if you forget to bring the owner's manual, we will retrieve the information from the brand’s website. Visit our workshop to get your car’s tyre pressure check at Oxford. If you have any further queries, call us, or visit our website; we are here to help.

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