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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


Did you know that you can now buy summer tyres online at Oxford now and that too at the best prices from the world’s leading tyre manufacturers? That’s right. My Oxford Tyres brings you some of the best summer, winter, and all-season tyres right in your neighbourhood. Our huge inventory of tyres remains unmatched in the UK.

Summer tyres are noted globally for their nimble nature, the natural control on the road that they offer, and the durability that they bring with them. When you buy the best summer tyres Oxford, however, you get more than you bargain for, every time.

Why are summer tyres different?

They offer multiple benefits which remain unmatched by other tyres. And since they are used over the summer, autumn, and spring seasons, they also come with greater longevity.

Here are some major benefits of summer tyres:

  • In nearly all climatic conditions except very frosty ones, summer tyres offer unparalleled riding comfort and balance. The best summer tyres are made from hard rubber and retain some of the material’s tangibility. They provide excellent cornering capability too.
  • Summer tyres have shallower treads compared to winter or all-season tyres. They can provide high speeds when the conditions are right: warm roads and rainless drives.
  • The second point also leads to the fact that many performance cars use summer tyres. The agility and control that they offer are great for people who drive cars like a Taurus or a Mustang. However, these tyres are not meant for racing, which is a wholly different ball game.
  • Summer tyres offer a firmer ride quality than most other types of car tyres. This quality may or may not be a good thing, however, and depends on the user. Most people who love summer tyres also enjoy the ride quality; however, a firmer ride means that you have to sacrifice a bit on the comfort end.
  • Summer tyres offer greater surface contact when in use, which leads to a firmer grip of the road, and increased traction and overall manoeuvrability. Hence, these tyres are ideal for long distances.

Using summer tyres safely

Although these tyres are ideal when you do a cost/benefit analysis, you must remember a few essential points before you buy summer tyres online. My Oxford Tyres’ experts recommend that you:

  • Remember that unused and entirely new summer tyres have a tread depth of about 8 or 9mm. In the UK, it is advised that the tread depths of summer tyres are checked more often than winter tyres, owing to the greater abrasion levels. If the tread depth touches 1.6mm, you must change the tyres at once.
  • Never mix and match summer and winter tyres. Also, ensure that when you are replacing summer tyres, you replace all four.
  • Finally, when you buy the best cheap summer tyres in the UK, ensure that you buy a well-known brand. Our range of summer tyres Oxford includes labels like Michelin, Pirelli, and Dunlop.

Buy summer tyres at My Oxford Tyres

Given our broad range of tyres, you are bound to get the best tyres for your car at very reasonable prices. Visit our website for more details or visit us on any working day. We love having folks over!

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