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Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres is a part of the globally renowned business conglomerate Continental AG, an entity based in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. They came into being in 1871 purely as a rubber manufacturer.

Over the last 140-odd years, the company has continued to grow and is currently the world’s fourth-largest tyre manufacturer.

My Oxford Tyres now introduces cheap Continental tyres in Oxford for all its customers who wish to use the best quality tyres in their neighbourhoods. One great thing about Continental Tyres is that they never fail to disappoint as far as quality, innovation, and R&D are concerned.

Why buy Continental Tyres?

When you buy Continental Tyres, you are assured of durability and performance. The company has seen a continuing rise in popularity in almost 170 countries.

However, it is indeed a good question to ask: why should you choose Continental Tyres Oxford?

Let us answer.

In 1904, Continental developed the world’s first ever tread pattern, a remarkable technological marvel that set the template for decades to come. They are still equipped with some of the best engineers at a global level


When you buy Continental Tyres, you are assured of excellent braking services. It designs different tyre models for different countries and differing climatic conditions.

Continental is a leading OE (Original Equipment) provider across the European marketplace. The company ensures that its tyres undergo 100 different safety tests so that they deliver the same performance, year after year.

Buying cheap Continental tyres ensures that you get the very cream of modern automotive technology. It is not surprising that the company had revenues of around €44.550 billion last year.

Purchasing Continental Tyres at Oxford ensures you are using the same tyres, which brands like Renault, Toyota, Honda, and Porsche use. All these disparate and competing companies have faith in Continental, and so do we at My Oxford Tyres.

Buy Continental Tyres at My Oxford Tyres

Once you log on to our website, you will be able to see the entire range of Continental tyres that we store, and you can also buy Continental Tyres online from our site. We have a massive inventory of almost every vehicle plying in the UK. You can always come down to our facility at Oxford and check these tyres the old fashioned way.

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