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If you compare a car and a human body, your car’s battery works like the pacemaker that enables your heart to beat. Without a battery, even the most powerful engine will fail to start, and if car batteries are not maintained, they will malfunction.

With battery failure being one of the most common causes of a vehicle breakdown, My Oxford Tyres has brought a team of specialists to repair or replace a faulty unit. We also store a wide range for you to choose from.

Are they maintenance-free?

In short, no. It is a misnomer; companies use it to increase their sales and brand recognition. We always advise our customers to visually inspect the car batteries once every month to see if there are any leaks or not.

Our experts’ advice is getting at least one battery service every two years, as once it ages, it’s chances of malfunctioning increase dramatically.

How to check the condition of the car’s battery –

Let us tell you a secret; you can easily check your car battery’s health. With a multimeter, check if the voltage output is around or higher than 12V. If its output is about 14V, it shows that your car’s batteries are in optimum condition.

Whenever you visit My Oxford Tyres for a battery repair at Oxford, we will make sure that we get a proper reading. Also, we will clean the connectors and apply battery grease on them before reconnecting the clamps.

Why does a battery malfunction?

Your car’s battery life can decrease for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Cold weather – Low temperature seriously harms a battery’s health.
  • Battery age – If the unit is older than five years, it will show a significant lack of performance. You should get a battery service or a replacement after five years.
  • Keeping it idle for too long – One key factor that everyone forgets is that an idle car battery will eventually lose all its juice. You must take your vehicle for a spin at least once every week.
  • AC, battery and headlights – Be careful not to run the AC, music system etc. on the battery. Doing so drains it very fast and considerably decreases its service life.

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