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Winter wheels

Summer is over, but you would rather stick to those gorgeous looking alloy wheels. However, do you know that due to the harsh temperatures and high stresses, summer wheels are not the best options to use in winter?

Luckily, almost every major wheel manufacturer markets winter-proof models for their products, and we, My Oxford Tyres, stock every single model and make for your car.

So, if the safety and good looks of your car are paramount, you should take a look at the product range of our Oxford showroom. These are more robust and can withstand even the harshest winter conditions. Also, many of these rims are compatible with snow chains.

    • Difference between summer and winter rims –

Conventional Aluminum rims are not resistant to weather damage. As soon as the paint of a rim is scraping till its core metal, salt water can get under the paint, attacking the rim and causing it to rust. The salt water can peel off rest of the paint, along with physically damaging and wearing your car’s wheels.

Winter rims, however, are very resistant to weather-related elements and water and ice damages. This resistance is due to the quality of metal and thickness of its clear coat, which manufacturers apply after painting the rims. Many manufacturers have developed special paints for winter rims, making it possible to achieve the optimum compromise between layer thickness and elasticity.

At our My Oxford Tyres showroom, you will find a wide variety of top quality winter rims at affordable prices. Every single product is sent through extensive inspections, tests that ensure the quality and robustness of these rims. Winter rims maintain the look of your vehicle; it stays a real eye-catcher while being safe for you and your loved ones - even in harsh cold seasons.

    • Don’t forget the tyres –

However, just installing winter wheel is not enough. Your summer tyres will provide zero safety, especially on those snow-covered roads. Experts recommend using winter tyres whenever the temperature falls below 7°C. It is essential because they are made of a softer compound to cope with the cold.

Also, winter tyres offer better lateral support as well as shorter braking distances than summer tyres in cold seasons. The tyre tread plays an essential role and thanks to its thermo-elastic tread compound, your car’s rims and tyres maintain a good grip even at low temperatures.

At My Oxford Tyres, we ensure that we stock only the best quality products. Every unit comes with its proper EU tyre labels so that you can make an informed decision.

    • Choosing the best set of winter rims

Whenever you visit My Oxford Tyres for your next set of winter wheels, we will help you to pick the best product. There are many different brands and models available at both our Oxford showroom and on our website. You can choose between any of those depending on your car’s model number, your daily usage, and budget.

Once you choose one particular product, you can buy it from our store, or order it online. My Oxford Tyres also offer tyre fitting and balancing packages, so that your brand new wheels are ready for road right after you install it.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our store today, book your appointment via phone, or online. You can also visit our website to see a complete list of our services.

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