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Pirelli Tyres

    If you enjoy watching Formula 1, you must already be intimately familiar with Pirelli Tyres. This Italian brand, founded in 1872 and named after Giovanni Battista Pirelli, an inventor-cum-entrepreneur, is still going strong.

    It is currently the sole tyre supplier to the FIA Formula One World Championship. And now, you can buy cheap Pirelli tyres at Oxford, thanks to My Oxford Tyres.

    Many automotive pundits in the media have clubbed Pirelli with safety. Indeed, cheap Pirelli tyres come with the trust that this company has earned over a span of 140-odd years. Many experts believe that the then-reigning F1 champion, Ayrton Senna, would not have died on that fateful day in 1994 had Pirelli supplied the tyres.

    Pirelli and you

    Interestingly, you can now buy Pirelli tyres Oxford at relatively low prices, thanks to our latest facility. When you buy Pirelli tyres, you get the benefits that a company with an enviable racing pedigree offers.

    What makes Pirelli tyres so different?

    Well, here are some factoids for you to digest:

  • Pirelli invented ‘wide radial tyre’ in 1974 at the express request of the Lancia racing team to support their new Lancia Stratos. Incidentally, Porsche 911 Turbo also started using this model subsequently.
  • Pirelli is one of those brands which have transcended the tyre industry and dominated global public imagination. The iconic Pirelli calendar is one example.
  • When you buy Pirelli tyres, you are buying much more than a mere tyre. You are buying the latest in tyre technology as well.
  • The P Zero, the winter Sottozero 3, and the Scorpion Zero All Season have all gained original equipment (OE) approval from the likes of BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Volvo.
  • Buying Pirelli tyres online is now simpler, thanks to My Oxford Tyres’ facilities and inventory. You can also ask our experts for more guidance in case you decide to buy Pirelli tyres for your beloved car.

    Pirelli at My Oxford Tyres

    My Oxford Tyres is proud to announce that it is one of the few agencies in the UK licenced to sell Pirelli’s products. Log on to our website and book an appointment. Your quest for the best Pirelli tyres at Oxford ends here!

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