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Firestone Tyres

    Firestone tyres - solid quality for your vehicle

    The Firestone Tyre Company offers tyres for many vehicle segments, including Passenger Car tyres and tyres for trucks and agricultural machinery. The company was founded in 1900 has a lot of experience in the production of rubber products. The brand is mainly known in the US, including through its motorsport commitment. Considered a pioneer in the mass production of car tyres, Firestone Tyre has been part of the Bridgestone group since 1988, due to the world's third-largest tyre producer’s financial turmoil.

    For cars, there are several Firestone tyres for summer and winter to choose from. The Multihawk is a good tyre for compact cars. Its stiff Firestone tyre profile improves handling and shortens the braking distance when the roads are dry. Also, it contributes to slower wear. But because it also rains in summer, Firestone Tyres has given this tyres lenticular tread blocks and three-dimensional shoulder blocks that are supposed to drain the water well.

    The Firestone Tyre - winter specialist for maximum safety

    The Firestone Winterhawk 3 is a Firestone tyre for the cold season. These tyres have convinced during several independent tyre tests worldwide because they coped well with all weather conditions. Especially in wet and dry conditions, these Firestone tyres were convincing - but on snow and ice they have also received good service grades. Positive was the Firestone tyre from Bridgestone with its low wear.

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