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Your car’s tyres are one of the most neglected parts. They carry the entire weight of the vehicle and its passengers, deal with roads long and hard and with varying temperatures, and encounter all kinds of surfaces. For many years now, residents who searched for cheap car tyres Oxford couldn’t find what they desired.

Now that My Oxford Tyres is here, your car tyre-related problems are solved. We sell all varieties of car tyres imaginable. In the UK, we are one of the leading car services providers. Our teams of technicians, spread around the country, also give excellent advice on which new car tyres you should buy.

Car tyres types we sell

Now that we have given you a brief background of who we are, the next obvious question is what we offer. Well, we provide all the big international tyre brands’ latest models complete with the company’s warranties and low assured costs. Three main types of tyres are generally used in the UK.

  • Summer tyres: As the name indicates, you need them when the temperatures are high and the roads warm. Summer tyres are made of harder rubber and are capable of handling city driving effortlessly. Their profiles are sleek, and they can give quality grip even on wet roads.
  • Winter tyres: Whenever the temperature falls below 7° Celsius, you must change from summer tyres to these. These tyres are manufactured of softer rubber with hydrophilic compounds. We also sell all these cheap car tyres online. Winter tyres provide unmatched performance on snowy and sleety roads.
  • All-season tyres: Capable of handling nearly every weather condition, you can now buy car tyres online at great prices of this variety too. One significant advantage which all-season tyres bring with them is that you do not have to change your summer tyres in winter, and vice versa. You can use them over the entire year.

My Oxford Tyres recommends that you do not use all-season tyres in heavy snow, as they will not meet your expectations. In very snowy conditions, winter tyres are a must-have.

Our specialised tyres range

Barring the three standard categories, you can also buy specialised car tyres Oxford now. These are varying types of tyres, each of which serves a specific niche of cars. Our range includes:

  • Performance tyres: Meant for high-speed and performance vehicles, these are specialised tyres meant for premium vehicles. In the UK, their sales have been gradually increasing as the number of sports cars on the roads increases. Our comprehensive inventory of new car tyres also includes performance tyres from such brands like Goodyear, Michelin, and Nexen.
  • 4x4 tyres: Meant for off-road capabilities, combined with the suppleness of city driving; 4x4 tyres are also in high demand in the UK. Note that many consumers confuse the 4x4 cars with 4x4 tyres: all 4x4 vehicles need these tyres, but many conventional vehicles can also use them.
  • Run-flat tyres: Originally a luxury item meant for military personnel and High-Value Individuals (or HVIs), run-flats are now reasonably common. Even when punctured, these tyres will still carry you safely for 50 miles at 50mph (range and speed vary between companies and products). Run-flats come in many varieties. You can find all of them at our facility.

What else do we offer?

Besides selling car tyres, we also ensure that they are adequately maintained. Our well-outfitted service department carries out inspections and repairs of car tyres Oxford. Our services include:

  • Tyre re-treading services: If you have worn out car tyres, we will ensure that they are re-treaded for better performance. In the UK, a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm is mandatory, and we abide by that.
  • Puncture repairs: One of the most annoying problems encountered, we always treat them as a priority.
  • Valve changes: Have a leaking valve? My Oxford Tyres will replace them with care and with genuine products.

You can come down to our facility personally on any working day. Our website also shows you all the models, and you can also buy car tyres online at very reasonable rates. My Oxford Tyres is here to help!

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