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Changing and fitting your car’s tyres is an intricate process. The older set of tyres is removed, and a fresh set is installed. Finally, the new tyres go through multiple tests to see if they have that precise balance. You should always allow only the certified and experienced mechanics to change and fit the unit. That’s why at My Oxford Tyres, we have composed a team of hand-picked mechanics to provide professional mobile tyre fitting Oxford. What's great is that it’s not just your regular fitting, but mobile tyre fitting service Oxford. Our team will perform the tyre-fitting wherever you are, be it your home, work, or in the middle of nowhere in case of an unfortunate event where you are left stranded with a non-repairable tyre.

All our staff at My Oxford Tyres know exactly what to do! Since fitting alloy wheels is complex, we only use the latest, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, so your alloys stay in good hands, always.

Tyre fitting and wheel change: the difference

A tyre fitting involves removing the old tyres from the rims and putting on new tyres instead. Wheel change, however, implies replacing the wheels completely, which is not part of our mobile tyre fitting Oxford service. Our mobile tyre service professionals will simply remove your car’s old tyres and replace them with new ones. They make sure that the new tyres have a good fit and have that perfect balance.

A win-win service for you!

Wondering why we consider our tyre fitting service worth the mention? Well, we take pride in the fact that not only do we offer you a service that is delivered at the hands of thoroughly skilled and experienced professionals, but the service works at your advantage, all the way! Here’s what makes it a win-win situation for you, our valuable customer:

  • You are not spending on tyres, but instead are making an investment, for we only deal in top-quality tyres from major to budget brands.
  • The new tyres are an assured perfect fit since our smart wheel finder lets you choose from the most suitable tyre options. They are displayed according to the car or wheel specifications that you feed in.
  • Our trained professionals employ only the most suitable and latest equipment to make the tyre fitting process as quick as possible.
  • You can book a time slot of your liking, online, for any time within the next 48 hours.
  • Getting our service does not require you to compromise your day’s schedule. You need not drive down to our work centre; instead, our professionals will visit you at any location you specify.
  • Online booking does not require a payment confirmation. You pay only after we perform a service, and you are content with it.

How regular should your service be?

We recommend inspecting the tyre fitting every time you change tyres; this ensures a long service life of your car’s tyres and a safer commute for you and your loved ones. Also, if you notice that the tyres have begun wobbling a bit, you must bring your vehicle to us immediately for your next mobile tyre fitting service Oxford.

My Oxford Tyres - offering unmatched price and best in class service

Now that you know about our tyre fitting services, why not give us a visit? Bring your car to our workshop, and we will return it to its previous glory. Book your appointment today! Call us, or visit our website to know more.

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