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Vauxhall Car

Vauxhall Services – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Service, inspection, repairs, tyres, wheel alignment – whatever needs doing on your Vauxhall vehicle, we can do it for you. My Oxford Tyres is your perfect partner for all your vehicle needs.

In regards to Vauxhall maintenance services, we would like to offer you our tailor-made service programmes for individual Vauxhall models.

This way you will get the perfect service at the best price.

Vauxhall tyres and wheel alignment service – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Now that we’ve done the service on your Vauxhall car let us also have a look at your tyres. Often neglected, we would like to bring back the tyres and their importance into your mind. Tyres are the only part of your car touching the ground while driving, so they have to be in good condition to provide safety.

We will always be happy to carry out a free tyre check for you. If you need new tyres or are looking for an extra set of tyres (winter/summer), come to our website.

You will be happy with what we have to offer – cheap Vauxhall tyres from all major brands.

Fitting appointments can also be booked with your order. Once we have fitted them, why not have a wheel alignment check carried out as well to make sure you are safe, and your tyres will last for a long time. Please have a quick read about this topic on our website.

Vauxhall - Wheel Alignment – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

No need to worry. My Oxford Tyres is the place to go. Our certified testers will be happy to book your car in and carry out the test even while you wait.

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