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Tyres Uffington

If you are residingin Uffington, My Oxford Tyres is now at your neighbourhood to address all your concerns about your car. We offer a range of services that you can avail.

For instance -

      • Puncture repair

You can contact us for puncture repair Uffington and have it fixed within a short time. The technicians at My Oxford Tyres follow the procedure of British standard for a puncture repair. It adheres to the latest industry standards and ensures full value for your money.

      • Tyre fitting

If you are hard-pressed for time and not able to drive down to our facility to have your car tyres replaced, avail our service of mobile tyre fitting Uffington. Book an appointment with us and mention the requisite details. Our customer support will revert to you promptly with the confirmation of receipt of such service request.

      • Removing locking wheel nut

The primary function of the wheel nut is to keep the wheel intact. The nut can only be opened with a unique key. The key cannot be replaced due to its specific indent matches the wheel nut. It would require expertise and specialised machinery to unscrew the nut, which we possess. Contact My Oxford Tyres for locking wheel nut removal Uffington.

      • Alignment of wheels

Wheels of your car may be misaligned owing to heavy impact, wear and tear and poor driving. It may cause further damages to your vehicle if you, perhaps, do not identify the misalignment immediately. It is vital to have the wheels checked and repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, the risk of an accident might just increase. For our service of wheel alignment Uffington, the technicians will check camber, caster and toe angles and ensure that the wheels of your car are correctly aligned.

My Oxford Tyres also stocks all major brands of tyres at our facility. Some of the prominent brands include Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, Dunlop, Maxxis, Goodyear, Firestone etc. We stock summer, winter and all-season tyres from these brands. Feel free to contact us for further information on tyres Uffington.

Alloy wheelshelps you get you better mileage and performance from your car in comparison to standard steel wheels. We have a wide range of alloy wheels in our stock. Hence, if you are thinking of purchasingalloy wheels Uffington,visit our facility or enquireover the phone.

You can visit our facility at AGNS Industrial Estate, 46 Middle Lane, Oxford, LE14 3HD or call us on 01234 56789.

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