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For Phillip Tyres, customers are our topmost priority and we always strive towards attaining customer satisfaction at all costs. My Oxford Tyres is a place where a customer can choose tyres Witney of various brands like Nexen, Syron, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Firestone, Dunlop, etc. Our customers are provided with all the support and advice related to tyres and vehicle services by our highly trained and experienced professionals.


Over the years, a lot of technological changes have taken place in the field of tyre manufacturing. Tyres are being developed to meet the specific requirements of the customers. These requirements can be season-specific or performance-oriented. For the best tyres Witney can rely on My Oxford Tyres. My Oxford Tyres are renowned for selling a wide range of tyres starting from summer, winter, 4X4, cars, and all seasons, to run-flat tyres.

  • Winter Tyres

For people living in countries that have a colder climate, winter tyres of the highest quality are a necessity. As soon as the temperature falls below 7-degree Celsius, the tyres must be changed to the winter ones. These tyres are made up of hydrophilic compounds and soft rubber thereby providing unmatched performance on the sleety and snowy roads.

  • Summer Tyres

Summer tyres provide the best balance and riding comfort to the customers. The shallow treads on these tyres offer great speed if the driving condition is optimum. These tyres are known for providing enhanced manoeuvrability and traction, making them ideal for enjoying long drives.

  • Cheap Tyres

If a person is looking to purchase cheap tyres Witney then the best place to go for is the My Oxford Tyres. Our inventory of abundant cheap and affordable tyres makes us the one-stop solution for all the customer’s needs. Despite being reasonably priced, these tyres maintain their structural integrity and offer dependable quality.

  • Alloy Wheels

These wheels are made up of an alloy of light metals like nickel, magnesium, aluminium or all these metals combined. These wheels not only offer attractive looks but also have a performance advantage associated with them. The first advantage is that they are several pounds lighter, leading to rapid acceleration and quick stopping. They also put less strain on the suspension component. In extreme conditions, the alloy wheels are fabulous in dissipating heat away from the brake components. A variety of alloy wheels Witney can be found at My Oxford Tyres as per the customers’ needs and as per their vehicle model.

Wheel Alignment

The wheels of the vehicle may be affected by the alignment, leading to improper handling along with increased wear and tear on the tyres. Wheel alignment is an important service and it should be done by trained technicians only. A person might notice the wheel alignment problem if, while driving, the cars start to drift on one side. Misalignment also causes more wear and tear on one side of the tyre than the other. Ideally, the wheel alignment must be checked at regular intervals especially if you hit a pothole or a curb. Caster, camber and toe angles must be positioned perfectly for wheel alignment. We provide regular Wheel alignment Witney drivers can avail to ensure safe driving on the road.

We, at My Oxford Tyres, continuously strive to provide quality services to satisfy our customers, especially in terms of time and money.

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