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Tyres High Wycombe

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    Phillip Tyres, regarded as one of the most preferred auto garages in the United Kingdom, offers a plethora of services regarding any kind of car-related issues. Now, our products and services are available in High Wycombe and nearby regions of Buckinghamshire.

    Located in the river valley of Wye, High Wycombe is a pleasant town, but you are more than likely to experience a few bumpy rides along the countryside roads. For this reason, car problems will eventually arise.

    However, since My Oxford Tyres is now available in High Wycombe, you will face no fast solutions to issues regarding tyres High Wycombe. We have provided automobile servicing to a large number of clients, who have relied on our products and services over the years.

    Our products –


    If you are in need of a new set of tyres, visit our store or head to our online website to browse around wide varieties of tyres. Whateverthe size and shape of your car, be it a convertible or passenger sedan, we have all types of tyres in our inventory.

    From summer, winter, all-seasonal to off-road and those made for racing, we have tyres for all. If you are looking for a specific brand, you have come to the right place; some of the popular brands we deal in are Goodyear, Maxxis, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Nexen, Syron, and several others.

    Alloy wheels

    Alloy wheels may seem a bit expensive compared to steel wheels, but its utilities make it worthy of its price.Its unique design makes your car stand out from the rest, but it has other beneficial elements as well. Alloy wheels are lightweight, thereby enabling your vehicle to achieve higher top speed. Visit our store and switch to alloy wheels High Wycombe today!

    Our services –

    Puncture repairs

    On the contrary to popular belief, the roads of Wycombe are not well-maintained like the posh areas of Buckinghamshire. Tyre punctures are not a rare occurrence. At My Oxford Tyres, our team of dedicated technicians are ready to perform any kind of puncture repair High Wycombe.

    Wheel alignment

    Our staff is also well-equipped to conduct wheel alignment High Wycombe. Wheels need to be aligned to ensure you do not experience any issues while taking a sharp turn or gripping problems while applying brakes. If your tyres are wearing off earlier than usual, it is highly possible that your car wheels are not aligned properly.

    Mobile tyre fitting

    If you are stranded in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of Buckinghamshire, there is no need to panic as we also offermobile tyre fitting High Wycombe.Call us on 01234 56789 and My Oxford Tyres will send a team of technicians to your location and deal with your car-related problems at the shortest downtime.

    Locking wheel nut removal

    Car manufacturers provide you with a unique key which is required to remove the locking wheel nut of your car. However, if you have lost or misplaced the key for any reason, no need to worry; we can handle all kinds of locking wheel nut removal High Wycombe without any issues.

    We are based at AGNS Industrial Estate, 46 Middle Lane, Oxford, LE14 3HD. Head to our store today!

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