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Trust is something that takes years to be established, especially if we talk about the trust related to the customer. My Oxford Tyres Grove is one of the few companies that have been successful in gaining the trust of the customer through sheer hard work and dedication. Our aim to keep customer satisfaction as the topmost priority has helped us in attaining the status.


My Oxford Tyres sell a broad spectrum of tyres from the top tyre manufacturing brands. Some of the tyre products which are sold include run-flat tyres, performance tyres, summer tyres, winter tyres, all season tyres, etc. To search for a different variety of quality tyres Grove can visit My Oxford Tyres. We have tyres for all-purpose and for all type of vehicles as per the manufacturer specifications.

Performance tyres:

As the name suggests, these tyres are responsible for providing maximum performance, which includes maximizing handling, controlling vehicles, and cornering. These tyres have been specifically designed for a wide variety of vehicles including luxury vehicles and sports cars. These tyres are wide and stiff. Their sidewall is low profiled with large tread blocks. The speed ratings are also high to make sure the tyres offer a better grip on both dry and wet roads. They have a shorter braking distance as well.

Purchasing tyres can be an expensive task to carry out for an average earning person. But with Philips tyres, you do not need to worry about these things. For purchasing branded and cheap tyresGrove, we are your ultimate destination because we have a huge stock of affordable tyres available with us.

All-season tyres:

these are the tyres which are specifically designed for withstanding the moderate temperatures. The best thing about all-season tyres is their ability to adapt to the wet, warm and rainy season. These tyres are chosen as they are economical can be used in areas that do not experience extreme climatic conditions.

Alloy wheels

Alloy metals are responsible for providing dramatic weight reduction and superior strength in comparison to ferrous metals like steel. Thus they are the ideal material through which a high-performance wheel can be created. In today’s scenario, it is impossible to imagine any high-performance road vehicle without alloy wheels. The alloy used is the finest blend of aluminium and other elements. Based on the vehicle model or type a variety of alloy wheel Grove can be easily found at My Oxford Tyres.

Wheel alignment:

The term wheel alignment is associated with all the components that can make a car go straight. It is inclusive of three main measurements- toe, camber, and caster. If your vehicle hits a massive pothole, and the suspension of your car gets bumped, it means that it is out of alignment. For wheel realignment, a trained and technologically equipped workmanship would be required. The cars coming in today’s day and age have only toe with no caster and camber. This type of knowledge helps us in providing the best wheel alignment Grove has to offer.

Thus we, at My Oxford Tyres, offer the best of the services cited above to all our valued customers.

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