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    Tyres Benson

    My Oxford Tyres Benson is a reputable centre that provides a wide range of services and products related to vehicles. We are a perfect blend of experience and technology and work hard to bring a smile on the faces of our customers. With our dedicated team, we aim to provide services and products that guarantee to enhance your vehicle performance. 


    The tyres’ core function is to absorb the shocks, bear the passenger load and provide the traction and transmission mechanism. It is a general perception among the car users that any tyre can be purchased for their vehicle. However, it is not so! Each vehicle manufacturer specification provides the necessary guideline for the type of tyre, the size of the tyre, the load capacity it should bear etc. It is thus necessary to purchase the tyre based on the manufacturer specifications. There are numerous tyre brands offering various types of tyres. Selecting the perfect tyre requires a sound piece of advice. 

    We, at My Oxford Tyres, help our customers to select the perfect tyre based on their driving preferences, vehicle model, geographical conditions weather conditions and budget. Philips Tyres stock the best-known quality tyres Benson, that you can rely upon. We also understand the needs of customers and aim to save both time and money. There are customers who prefer bagging a quality deal when it comes to the tyres of their cars. Our garage also stocks affordable cheap tyres Benson customers can buy. These affordable tyres are quality tested before brought out for sale. 

    Alloy Wheels

    Car wheels are generally made up of steel and these are considered to be durable. But in context to sports cars and luxury cars, the wheels are made up of aluminium or magnesium or combination of both. These wheels are known as mag wheels or alloy wheels are lighter in weight and are famous for a trendy look. These wheels are lighter in weight and thus reduce the unsprung mass. They help in improving vehicle handling performance. 

    We at My Oxford Tyres tyres provide customized alloy wheels Benson that is sure to enhance the looks of your car wheels. 

    Wheel Alignment

    In order for the car to perform perfectly, it is essential that the suspension mechanism angles are perfectly aligned as per the car manufacturer specifications. The driving safety on the road is dependent on the alignment of the wheels of the vehicle. For Wheel Alignment Benson can rely on us where we provide a service that checks the alignment of the wheels and the suspension mechanism and if they are misaligned our team corrects them as per the manufacturer specifications. 

    We at My Oxford Tyres work to provide you with the services to correct the angles of your car’s wheels so that the driving safety of your vehicle is never compromised. 

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