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Tyres Taynton

Don’t you just hate it when you are driving during rush hour and suddenly experience a flat tyre? Well, when such a thing happens, you can stand there cursing your luck or simply seek expert assistance to patch the flat tyre. This is where we, My Oxford Tyres, come in.

Apart from puncture repair Taynton, our garage provides a range of other products and services as well. Let’s start off with our world-class tyres and wheels.

      • Alloy wheels

Our collection of alloy wheels is sure to impress you. Created by fusing two or more metals, alloy wheels Taynton or in any other place are lighter than the standard steel or hub cap fares. Apart from the reduced weight, such alloy wheels also lead to a considerable improvement in performance and handling of your car. Moreover, it adds a premium touch to the vehicle.

      • Tyres for all occasions

We stock every variant of car tyre that you can hope for. Whether you want summer, winter or all-season tyres, we can help you pick the right one for your car. Our garage houses tyres for small cars, 4x4 and vans.

If you are worried about quality, don’t be! We stock only the best tyres Taynton from renowned manufacturers. Some of the brands we sell include Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, Continental, Goodyear and many more.

We also offer a wide range of services to keep your car running as it should. Here are some of the services that our facility offers –

      • Removing locking wheel nut without a key – Are you trying to open your car’s wheels, but have misplaced the required key? Wheels are held in place with a specialised locking nut, which opens with only this unique key.

In case you lose this key, dislodging your car wheels can be problematic. Well, not if you come to us for locking wheel nut removal Taynton. With our specialised equipment, we can unscrew the nut without any hassle.

      • Fitting new tyres at your home – If you are busy or simply lack the energy to drive in for tyre changes or refitting, wecan come to your rescue. You can book our unique mobile tyre fitting Taynton when purchasing a new set of tyres from our website.
      • Aligning your car’s suspension system – Wheel alignment issues can cause your vehicle to drift unnaturally. It can also lead to premature wearing of your car tyres. Our practised technicians can conduct precise wheel alignment Taynton, using the latest equipment available.

Don’t waste any more time thinking. Visit us at AGNS Industrial Estate, 46 Middle Lane, Oxford, LE14 3HD.

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