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Tata Car

Tata Service - Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Quite often we have people coming to our garage asking whether we do repairs or servicing on Tata cars as well.

The answer is YES – of course, we do!

There are more Tata owners out there than you may think.

So next time your Tata’s service is due, just come over to us. We will service your Tata car according to your wishes and the manufacturer’s specifications. We use best quality oils and spare parts only - still, our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Did you know, we are offering free tyre inspections to everyone?

Come in at any time that suits you, and we will check your car’s tyres for any damage, pressure loss, tread wear, leaking valves and more. No need to make your hands dirty. Just come over to our My Oxford Tyres workshop, and we will do it all for you. 

This service is indeed free of charge. All we want is to make sure you will always be safe on the road under all circumstances.  Sometimes the purchase of new tyres can no longer be avoided. On our My Oxford Tyres website, you will find cheap Tata tyres of the best quality in every size and for every season.

You can book a tyre fitting appointment right with your order as well.

We have the latest technology in our workshop available to also sort out your vehicle’s wheel alignment (tracking) if necessary (for more information, please have a look at the wheel alignment info section our website).

Tata tyres & wheel alignment - Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

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