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Syron 235/45 R17 Tyres

    Our presence in Oxford and Bicester is remarkable. People trust the servicing advice of My Oxford Tyres and often end up bringing us queries about the best tyres for their car. With many tyre brands and models available in the market, it sometimes gets difficult to decide which tyre should go best with your vehicle.

    Nevertheless, Syron, a recent market entrant as compared to big tyre brands, is gaining ground steadily and firmly. A current trend at our garage points towards its growing popularity. It is successfully creating trustworthiness among customers.

    Moreover, big names mostly earn through goodwill. But, emerging brands like Syron strive to provide the best quality tyres Bicester to customers every day. One of its tyre sizes that have achieved recent growth in popularity among car owners of Oxford is Syron 235/45 R17 tyres.

    Yes, it might be difficult to understand this alphanumeric code. So, here is the breakdown for you – 

  • The number 235 denotes the tyre width in millimetres.
  • The number 45 represents the ratio of tyre’s height to its width. So, it means the height is 45% of 235. It is also called the aspect ratio.
  • The letter ‘R’ stands for the tyre’s type, signifying the radial type in this case.
  • Next is number ‘17’, which is the rim diameter in inches.
  • Hence, now you can correctly identify whether it is suitable for your vehicle or not. You can find your car’s tyre size on its owner’s manual or the sidewalls of your existing tyres.

    Now, on to the tyre model that is selling like hotcakes at our garage:

    Race 1 Plus

    These Syron 235/45 R17 tyres give you extra comfort while driving. They are also high on performance in extreme weather conditions. Besides, their sportiness is one of a kind. The tyre’s tread design makes it safer to drive your vehicle even at high speed.

    And the comfort factor? It makes very low noise while you zoom through the roads. So, if your vehicle requirements match the tyre specifications, you can come to us anytime to get these tyres Oxford mounted on your car wheels.

    These tyres are gaining popularity for their ease of compatibility with various modern car models. Here are some of the car models that go just right with this tyre model:

    • Acura TL
    • Audi A4
    • BMW 5 series, 7series, 8 series
    • Cadillac BLS Catera
    • Chevrolet Omega
    • Daewoo Arcadia
    • Ford Falcon Mondeo
    • Honda Accord Civic 5D Shuttle
    • Nissan Gloria Primera

    These are just a handful of car models whose wheels fit perfectly with Race 1 Plus. The list is rather long, and we cannot possibly mention all the compatible cars here.

    So, don’t wait anymore! Give a visit to our garage at Oxford on any working day, and drive back assured in the knowledge that you are riding on one of the best tyres money can buy.

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