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Syron 225/40 R18 Tyres

    The tyre market has well and truly been revolutionised. Gone are the days when there were only a handful of big brands of tyres that ruled the roost. While those brands still enjoy a good amount of popularity, many smaller players have emerged, and they are giving these giants a run for their money.

    At our garage, My Oxford Tyres, you’ll get the best of both worlds. While we are the leading retailers of all the prominent brands of tyres Bicester, our facility also stores a huge collection of tyres that are equally good, if not equally famous. One such brand is Syron, and we are experiencing an increasing demand for their products due to their excellent quality.

    However, many car owners in this area often rue about the unavailability of Syron 225/40 R18 tyres (radial tyre with a nominal width of 225 mm, aspect ratio of 40, and rim diameter of 18 inches).  This size of tyres is particularly popular because of the wide range of vehicles that sport them. Therefore, we have brought an extensive range of these tyres at our workshop for the convenience of our customers. 

    For those of you who are looking for Syron 225/40 R18 tyres, we have:

  • Race 1 Plus
  • This passenger summer tyre is arguably the most popular Syron tyres Oxford and for good reasons. It is a UHP tyre with an asymmetrical tread design that allows for a quiet, comfortable ride. The silica-mixed tread compound ensures that you get an unmatched grip on both wet and dry surfaces. 

    Owners of multiple mid to high-end sedans can avail of this tyre and enjoy their ride like never before. 

  • StreetRace
  • A genuine head-turner if there ever was one, the StreetRace is a tyre for the speed enthusiasts. It is a semi-slick racing tyre for passenger and sports cars. It has a reinforced machine base and steel bumps aimed at improving stability and precision at higher speeds.  The unique hook-shaped tread pattern ensures improved traction on both race tracks and city roads.

    Note: These tyres are for dry roads. In case of rain, use with caution. 

    Apart from these two, there are a host of other Syron tyres available at our garage. They are available in all variants - summer, winter, all-season, 4x4 to name a few. Bring in your car today and choose a set that suits your requirements. Alternatively, you can order any of their tyres online and enjoy the convenience of receiving them right at your home. 

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