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Syron 215/65 R16 Tyres

    At My Oxford Tyres, you will get all the newest and most popular tyre brands. One of these is Syron. Syron is a German brand, and it is, admittedly, a new entrant in the fiercely competitive tyre market. That said, they have made quite a name for themselves in a short span of time.

    If you are looking to buy Syron 215/65 R16 tyres, you are in the right place. We store three of the bestselling models of this size. Before we proceed to the models, however, let us decipher the meaning of these alphanumeric symbols.

    Reading a wheel’s measurements

     This model, as you can see, has the numbers “215/65 R16” on it. They mean the following:

  • This specific tyre model has a width of 215 mm. Such width provides comfort more than satisfactory.
  • The aspect ratio, or tyre aspect, is 65 and is a percentage. The sidewall is, therefore, 65% of the width, i.e. 215mm.
  • An ‘R’ symbolises a radial tyre.
  • Lastly, the ‘16’ represents the wheel diameter in inches.
  • So, whenever you buy tyres Oxford, you can now read the tyre markings.

    Buying Syron tyres at our facility

    Now that winter is upon us, make sure that you choose one of the following models. Both are Syron 215/65 R16 tyres and boast individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Syron Everest SUV: As is obvious, these tyres Bicester are your best bet when it comes to SUVs and similar, heavier cars with high speeds. An Everest SUV tyre has a major advantage: they have a lower rolling noise than most similar winter car tyres. Also, they help with fuel efficiency.
  • The Everest SUV is a classic example of a hardy and durable winter tyre. Its zigzag treads help in gaining better grip.

  • Syron Everest C: The all-new Everest C was the toast of many tyre exhibitions around the globe last year. The speed index (T) resembles that they are meant for speeds up to 118 miles/hour. It is in the load index, however, that this Syron product can carry around 1030 kgs. 
  • Reinforced sidewalls give it an edge over many competitors.

    Buy your next Syron set from us

    My Oxford Tyres is a reputable retailer, and we store all of Syron’s products. If you are planning to buy your next set of winter, summer or run-flats from us, check out our doorstep delivery facilities. We are sure you will like it.

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