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Syron 215/50 R17 Tyres

    Although Germany has some of the most famous tyre companies, few can match up to the fantastic performance of Syron. While it is true that they are not as well-known as its German siblings like Continental, Syron does have a lot going for it. Their sales volumes have risen over the years.

    At My Oxford Tyres, people often ask us which Syron all-season tyre is the best to buy. Our experts recommend that they buy the new Syron 215/50 R17 tyres. These tyres are sold as Syron 365 days. We will pro-con this model later.

    First, let us take you through the markings which you will find on the sidewall of these tyres.

    Decoding tyre markings

    Let’s analyse what the numbers “215/50 R17” mean.

  • The width of the tyre is 215mm. This is the first part.
  • This tyre’s aspect is 50 per cent of its width, which means 50% of 215.
  • In this case, ‘R’ stands for a radial tyre.
  • Finally, the rim diameter of this Syron model is 17 inches.
  • How do the Syron 215/50 R17 tyres perform?

    Multiple people have given positive feedback on these tyres to our technicians. That is not to say that they are entirely devoid of fault. A quick analysis follows.


  • Compared to most all-weather tyre models, these tyres are slightly inexpensive. This also accounts for their popularity.
  • Syron has ensured that its “Cooling Eyes” technology works well to prevent tyre overheating.
  • Perhaps the biggest compliment these Syron tyres receive is that they improve ride quality by a good margin.
  • In dry conditions, these tyres provide a tidy grip of the surface.
  • Aquaplaning is great.
  • Cons:

    At My Oxford Tyres, we believe in showing both the strength and weaknesses of all tyres we stock. These are some weaknesses of the Syron 215/50 R 17 tyres. 

  • Snow grip is not too impressive.
  • One disadvantage of these tyres Oxford is that they have a higher rolling resistance.
  • People who buy Syron tyres Bicester often say that they find this model has a slightly heightened running noise. That said, Syron’s next generation of this model will eliminate these minor problems.
  • Buy Syron tyres

    You can buy Syron’s products from us at very low prices. We also offer doorstep delivery when you book online from us. If you wish to buy a cheap but reliable tyre, Syron is the brand you should look out for.

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