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Syron 215/45 R17 Tyres

    My Oxford Tyres is proud to present to you some of the best tyres in the market currently. Whenever we talk about popular tyres Oxford, we normally refer to Syron’s products. One of their latest products is a sports tyre that will work on the trickiest of roads.

    In case you did not know, Syron is a German tyre brand. They manufacture a large number of models, from winter and summer car tyres to all-season tyres. When it comes to Syron 215/45 R17 tyres, however, most people are convinced that this is their best bet, especially for faster driving.

    This model is also called the Syron Race 1. It can also work with standard passenger vehicles.

    A word on tyre measurements

    At My Oxford Tyres, we often face one common question: what do the alphanumeric markings on the tyre’s sidewall mean? Well, these markings, commonly on the sidewall, have some serious meaning. Let’s break them down.

    Take the Syron 215/45 R17 tyres-

  • The 215 indicates that the tyre has a width of 215mm. This is that part which touches the surface and helps maintain grip. 
  • 45 stands for the aspect ratio of the tyres. It is a percentage value. In this case, such a tyre has an aspect ratio of 45% of 215. 
  • R denotes that this Syron model is a radial tyre.
  • 17  indicates the rim diameter of the wheel. It is in inches.
  • Why buy this Syron model?

    When you buy this specific tyre from Syron, you get the following benefits.

  • Superior road grip: The road grip of this model is absolutely fantastic. Some of our customers who use the 215/45 model say that they like it better than the older tyres which came as Original Equipment with their cars. At least three out of five customers say that they recommend these tyres over the BMW 335i’s originals.
  • Durability: Durability is the ace of spades for this Syron model. At My Oxford Tyres, we once met a car-owner who uses these tyres on his old Saab. They are still good to go even after so many years.
  • Lower price: Let’s not forget that Syron provides a significantly lower price than many other established brands. Syron has one big advantage over other brands: it has its own product supply line. They never compromise on quality.
  • Buy Syron tyres at My Oxford Tyres

    The next time you look to buy tyres Bicester, think of My Oxford Tyres. We have the widest tyre collection in the Greater Oxford area.

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