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Suzuki Car

Suzuki Service – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Suzuki produces sturdy and reliable vehicles. To keep them running perfectly, you should get them checked and serviced regularly. My Oxford Tyres in Oxford is your partner when it comes to vehicle maintenance. 

We offer different, tailor-made service packages for all the different Suzuki models. We only use the best oils and spare parts but make sure you still safe good money with us. 

Suzuki tyres - Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Please never neglect your tyres. They are extremely important as they are the only direct connection between your car and the road surface. We know how difficult it is to remember things like this. This is why we have decided to offer a free tyre inspection service to everybody.

It doesn’t matter whether you are one of our regular customers or are just passing by – we want you to be safe. Just pop in whenever you have a few minutes, and we will have a good look at your tyres for you. We will check your tyres for any damage, air pressure loss, and make sure your tyre’s tread is still safe and legal. 

If you need to buy new cheap Suzuki tyres, you will find them on our My Oxford Tyres website. Compare prices and find your perfect Suzuki tyres within minutes. 

As soon as we have balanced and fitted your new tyres,(you can book the fitting appointment with your online order), we can also offer a 3-D wheel alignment check for you. On the My Oxford Tyres website, you can find plenty of information about this interesting topic.

Suzuki - wheel alignment – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

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