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Subaru Service - Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Do you own a Subaru vehicle, and it is due for a service?

Just come to My Oxford Tyres in Cowley/Oxford. Our team will look after your vehicle. From interval service to a full annual car service or just a quick oil change in between, or a holiday check-up. We will do it for you.

In case your Subaru needs repairing, our team of experts can certainly also do it.

Fast – accurate – cost efficient.

As our company name already indicates, we are also tyre specialists. Tyres should never be neglected, as they are among the most important parts of a vehicle in regards to safety. 

Your safety is our top priority!

Why not make use of our free tyre check-up service?

It is absolutely free and does not take long.  Just come over to our My Oxford Tyres workshop whenever you are free, and we will have a good look at your tyres:

During the inspection, we will measure your tyre’s tread depth to make sure it is still sufficient and safe, check the tyre pressure and top it up if necessary, inspect the valves and make sure there is no hidden damage like bulges, cuts or nails in the tyres etc.

There is no obligation for you involved. If you need new tyres at some point, our experts will let you know and advise if you want it. 

On our My Oxford Tyres website, you will find an extensive selection of cheap Subaru tyres from all the well-known manufacturers. You can compare prices and choose with peace of mind. You could also book an appointment for tyre fitting with your order if you like. If you have any question, our team will always be happy to assist.

At our My Oxford Tyres workshop, we have all the facilities and the latest technology to do a wheel alignment check on your Subaru as well (more information on our website).

Subaru tyres + wheel alignment – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

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