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Seat Car

Has your Seat’s service light come on at your dashboard?

Time to get in touch with us. We will book your car in at a time that suits you. Once you come here, we have a quick look at your car in order to offer you the best service option for your car. This way, you will safe, good time and money. We carry out all services by the manufacturer’s rules, using the best materials and parts – not to forget the best mechanics, technology and tools.

Seat service – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

The next point we would like to mention is our free, non-obligatory tyre health check.

We know how busy you and our other customers are, but we also know that your safety is the number one priority. This is the reason why we are offering this free service to everybody.

Come over whenever you have time, and we will have a good look at your Seat’s tyres to ensure there is no damage, the valves are still good, the tread is still within the legal limit, and there is enough air pressure inside.

This way, you will always leave us knowing your car’s tyres are safe. Sooner or later you may need some new tyres. On our My Oxford Tyres website, you find new, cheap Seat tyres from many different manufacturers. 

You can also book a fitting appointment with your order if you wish. We can certainly also do a 3-Dwheel alignment check on your Seat after the new tyres have been fitted. 

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