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Riken 205/50 R16 Tyres

Is it tyre size 205/50R16 you are looking to buy your car? 

No problem at all - we can certainly help you. 

On our My Oxford Tyres website, you will be spoilt for choice. We have a fantastic selection of tyre brands- and models available from so many different brands. You can find summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, run-flat tyres, performance tyres, 4x4 & SUV tyres and much, much more here. 

Do you only have a certain budget to spend and are not quite sure which brand to go for?  

Let us help you. On this page, we would like to introduce one of our most reliable and best-selling budget tyre brands to you – Riken Tyres. 

The Riken tyre brand only started selling tyres in the UK and Europe about 40 years back, even though the Japanese tyre producer already exists for over ten decades. You might be a bit concerned because the tyres belong to the so-called “budget tyre” category. Many of our customers ask us how good these cheaper tyres can be.  

We can assure you, Riken tyres are very good tyres. For quite a while now, Riken belongs to the famous French tyre company Michelin. So Riken tyres benefit big time from Michelin’s advanced technology and materials. 

Riken tyres are being sold in so many countries around the world, and the manufacturer has, for many reasons, an excellent reputation. 

Please have a look at our fantastic selection of Riken tyres on our My Oxford Tyres website.  

Finding the perfect Riken tyres for your vehicle is really easy. Just choose the size, for example, 205/50 R16 (all other standard tyre sizes are certainly available as well). Then compare the tyre models and, very important, the prices and once you know for sure which ones you would like to get for your vehicle, follow the very simple instructions. 

Certainly, we can also fit and balance your new tyres for you as well. Just tell us your preferred date and time when placing your order (there is a special section showing before you press the “order now” button). We will get everything ready for you, so as soon as you come to us, our team will start working for you. This way, there will never be a long waiting time.  

If the large variety of tyre brands and models confuses you a bit and you don’t want to place an order with us before speaking to an expert, please get in touch. Our highly experienced team will help you. 

Buy cheap 205/50 R16 Riken tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres.

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