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Riken 175/65 R14 Tyres

175/65 R14 - is this the tyre size you need, and Riken is the brand you want to go for?

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Do you know what 175 65 R14 means?

175 - The tyre width

All important size and construction details for a car tyre are written on the side wall in the form of a number and letter combination such as 175/65 R14. The first indication, in the example mentioned "175", refers to the width of the tyre. This information is always in millimetres. Thus, the tyre has a width of 175 mm, with the tyre manufacturer here having a tolerance of a few mm, which is necessary for the production process. The actual width can thus deviate from this tolerance. Measured is the width of the tyre while it is mounted on a rim and unloaded.

65 - The tyre height

The following number after the tyre width "65" at the tyre designation 175/65 R14 provides information about the edge height of the tyre. Since this number refers to the tyre width, it is given in percent. In the example above, the height of the tyre is 65 percent of the tyre width of 175 mm. The result of this calculation gives a value of 113.75 millimetres for the tyre width. Low profile tyres are referred to when the flank height is 40, 45 or 50 percent.

R - radial tyres

Next, in the designation "175/65 R14" is the letter "R". This gives information that it is a radial tyre. This information refers to the structure of the tyre walls, the carcass. If the braided carcass threads radiated from the inside to the outside and at a 90-degree angle to the profile aptly incorporated, it is called a radial tyre.

14 - The appropriate rim size

The last standard indication of the entire tyre designation indicates for which size of rim the tyre is suitable. This information is stated in inches. In the tyre specification "175/65 R14" is the matching rim size of 14 inches.

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