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Riken 165/70 R14 Tyres

It this time of the year once again. Winter’s almost gone, and spring time is approaching your door step. It’s time for car maintenance. This may even include a new set of vehicle tyres.  

Many vehicle owners are then confronted with a dilemma. They can’t (or do not want to) spend lots of money on car tyres but still don’t want to jeopardise their safety. 

For such “cases”, we at My Oxford Tyres have created our budget tyre section.  

In our top 3 of quality budget tyres is Riken – a brand from Japan. 

Riken is a tyre manufacturer that has been in business for a long time. The company was founded over 100 years ago.  Over the past ten decades of its career, the company has gained valuable experience that is an advantage over many other manufacturers. 

For many, many years, Riken has concentrated on the Japanese market only and has only started exporting to the rest of the world in the late 1970s. Since then, the company's sales were rising steadily. Even more so after becoming part of the famous tyre manufacturer Michelin. 

The great combination of traditional values and technical innovation makes Riken tyres a huge success. You see, Riken tyres are indeed a great choice if you are looking for cheap but good quality budget tyres.  

Please have a look on our My Oxford Tyres website. There you can find all our Riken tyre models in all standard sizes. If you are not entirely sure which ones buy from our website, please let us know and we will certainly help you pick the tyres that are just right for your car.  

165/60 R15 for example is a good standard size so finding tyres for your vehicle is easy. If you know which tyres you want, just follow the simple ordering process. 

Any queries? Please just get in touch with us. We will always be happy to talk to you. 

Buy cheap 195/70 R14 Riken tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres. 

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