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Range Rover

Your Rover services in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres 

If you are looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced garage to look after your Rover, please come to us. Whatever needs doing on your vehicle, you will find everything under one roof. 

We have different, custom-made service programmes for every Rover model available. The spare parts and materials we use are always of premium quality. 


Bring your Rover in for regular, free tyre check-ups to make sure you are always safe on the road. 

New tyres are available directly from our shop or via our website. Within minutes you will be able to find new, cheap Rover tyres from the best manufacturers. 

Rover tyres – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres 

Our friendly team will balance and fit the tyres for you, and in case your vehicle needs a wheel alignment check (please have a read on our website about it), we are also here for you with help, advice and the latest technology. 

Rover – wheel alignment – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres 

If you need some expert advice or have questions about any of our services, please kindly get in touch with us. Give us a call, send us a quick email - or just come over to see us. 

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