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Nexen 255/35 R18 Tyres

Hello and a warm Welcome to our My Oxford Tyres website.

Is it time to change your tyres soon?

We will be happy to assist you. On our website, you can find tyres from many different tyre manufacturers, for every season and for most of our customers a very important point – for every budget. Speaking of budget, is it the budget tyre range you are looking for?

No problem at all. Have you had Nexen tyres before?

Nexen is one of our best-selling tyre brands in the budget range. These tyres are not “just cheap” – Nexen tyres are also of excellent quality. Otherwise, we would not recommend them to our customers.

The company Nexen exists for more than seventy years and sells their very popular tyres all over the world. In size 255/35/R18, the most popular tyre with our customers is the


This Ultra-High-Performance tyre is well-known for its great handling characteristics and its curve stability even when driving fast and equally good under wet and dry conditions.

We sell lots of these tyres every year, and our customers are very pleased with the price and the reliability of these tyres.

So, why not give them a try?

In case you want to know more about these (or our other tyres) or have any questions about any of our services, please give us a shout. If you decide to buy tyres from us, you can easily do it from our website. Please just follow the instructions – ordering could not be simpler.

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