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Nexen 235/45 R17 Tyres

Need new tyres? 

The tyre purchase is for sure one of the least things vehicle owners are looking forward to. 

First of all, the costs are a very daunting factor and after that, making the decision which of the hundreds of tyre brands to go for is also very difficult. 

Many of our customers come to us asking for advice which tyres to buy. They would love to go for the big, famous brands but simply cannot afford to buy them. 

Therefore we have put a good selection of middle class- and budget tyres on our website to choose from as well. 

All those tyres come from good and safe quality tyre producers. You will not find any “no-name” products on our website. All our brands are well-known and regularly tested to make sure they are safe. 

One of these brands we would like to introduce you to on this page is Nexen tyres. 

Nexen manufactures tyres for cars, SUVs and even racing cars. The product range includes tyres for summer and winter, which maintain their high performance for a long time. The tyres of this brand have won numerous awards for their safety and their new design, both in Korea (where they originally come from) and abroad, including in the UK, Germany and the US. Recently, the company won the Red Dot Design Award against stiff competition for its aesthetically designed products. Nexen cooperates with several famous personalities of motorsport. In this industry, the company is valued for its technical innovations and the high safety of the tyres – and all that at very reasonable prices. 

So, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on tyres, you can still get very decent ones. 

Please have a look at our My Oxford Tyres website. There you can find lots of tyres in size 235/45 R17 (and of course all the other standard sizes as well). 

We have tried our best to make the tyre search –and ordering site as user-friendly as possible. Just type in the tyre size you require and compare tyre models, prices and ratings (the EU tyre label might be very helpful).  

If you need more information or further advice from our experts about tyres or any other vehicle service, please contact us. Come to see us at our My Oxford Tyres garage in Oxford or just give us a call. Our team is here for you.

Buy cheap 235/45 R17 Nexen tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres. 

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