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Nexen 225/45 R17 Tyres

Hello and welcome to My Oxford Tyres in Oxford. Having to change tour tyres never really comes at the right time. Many car owners shy away from this extra expense.

If you are one of them, we can help you make your next tyre purchase less “painful”. We have many different tyre brands available to suit every budget. One of the top selling, low/medium budget brands we would like to introduce to you here is Nexen

A well-known tyre brand since many decades, producing about 30 different tyre patterns and over 200 different tyre sizes. We would not sell this brand to our customers if the quality of the tyres weren’t right!

Cheap or not – safety comes first – always!

On our My Oxford Tyres website and also directly at our workshop in Cowley/Oxford, we have a great selection of bestselling Nexen tyres for you available.

In size 225/45/R17 we have:
  • Nexen N Fera SU
  • Nexen N Fera SU 4 XL
  • Nexen N Fera SU 1 XL
  • Nexen N Priz 4 S XL

Other Nexen models are available on request. All these tyres are very good quality, and the prices will pleasantly surprise you. If you need our help to find the right Nexen tyres for your vehicle, please let us know.

Otherwise, just buy your new tyres online. Now you can even book the most convenient appointment for the tyre fitting with your order. Simple – Fast – Safe.

Cheap Nexen 225/45 R17 Tyres – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

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