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Nexen 205/50 R17 Tyres

Hello and welcome to My Oxford Tyres in Oxford. We are specialised in vehicle maintenance and tyres. 

Many of our customers come to us asking which would be the best tyres to buy when on a budget. 

It certainly depends what kind of vehicle you drive, how many miles you do per year etc. 

But in general, we think Nexen tyres are always a good choice. 

Even if you don’t have much money to spend, you can still enjoy the great handling characteristics of Nexen tyres while even taking care of the environment. A rigid outer and inner shoulder block offer better grip for improved cornering and exceptional braking performance even under more difficult driving conditions. 

With Nexen tyres, you will have more comfort, powerful cornering stability, efficient water drainage, good performance with the low tyre rolling noise, excellent straight rolling, in some models you will have the dual gap joint design in the blocks of the tread and excellent driving stability in wet conditions. 

So, these mid-range budget tyres are certainly a very good choice. Many of our regular customers have chosen Nexen tyres in the past and have continued to buy them ever since. 

If you want to give Nexen tyres a try, please have a look at our My Oxford Tyres website. There you will be spoilt for choice. 205/50R17 is a very good standard tyre size, so will not have any issues to find them here. 

We have all the best tyre models of the Nexen (and many other) brands available like the: 

N blue, N blue HD Plus or the N blue Eco. These are only a few examples.  

On every tyre model, you can see not only the price but also the speed rating, fuel rating, noise rating and more (EU tyre label). 

This makes it even easier to choose the tyre that’s right for you - and your budget. 

We are confident; you will also like our prices. 

If you need help choosing your new tyres because there are so many different ones, please do what many other customers do – call us or come to see us at our workshop. We will do our very best to help you.  

Buy cheap 205/50 R17 Nexen tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres.

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