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Nexen 205/50 R16 Tyres

Is there a tyre change due to your vehicle anytime soon? 

Are you not quite sure yet which tyre brand to go at this time? 

Are you working on a budget? 

No problem at all. We at My Oxford Tyres in Oxford can help you. We have tyres for every season, every purpose and every budget available all year round. If for example, you are looking for tyres in the medium price sector, Nexen tyres might be a great solution for you. 

This high-quality tyre manufacturer from South Korea is producing vehicle tyres since the year 1942. Over here in the UK and across Europe, Nexen tyres have not been available since about twenty years ago. But within this short period, Nexen tyres have earned an excellent reputation throughout. 

Even though Nexen tyres may be cheaper than many other top brands, it does not mean these tyres are “cheap”. When buying Nexen tyres, you will always get outstanding quality. Nexen prides itself only using the best materials, rubber compounds and the latest technology for making their tyres. 

Our customers here at My Oxford Tyres in Oxford particularly like Nexen tyres because of the safety standards and of course, the fantastic prices. 

Nexen tyres are in our top 5 of bestselling tyres, and we have quite a few customers who have bought Nexen tyres from us and would never change the brand again. 

Nexen produces a variety of tyres for winter-, summer- and all-season use. Particularly popular are Nexen’s Performance- and Ultra-High-Performance tyres (mainly used for sports cars). 

Have a look at our website, please. There you can find Nexen tyres in all regular sizes.  The prices will bring a smile to your face. 

This is how it works: 

You simply check your tyre size (like for example 205/50 R16) and put these measurements into our search engine. In a moment’s time, you will be able to see many different tyre brands and models. You can now either look at all of them and compare the prices or simply choose one or more particular brands you are interested in. You can read through the item descriptions if you like and check out the EU tyre label to compare, fuel efficiency, rolling noise and more plus compare the prices. 

As soon as you have found the best tyres for your car, order, choose a fitting day- and time if you like and go to check out. We will do the rest. Once you come to our My Oxford Tyres workshop, we will have everything ready for you. No waiting time. 

If, by looking at our website, you have the feeling you need some expert advice before placing the order, please don’t hesitate and call us, or if you are close by, just come to see us. We will be happy to help you. 

Buy cheap 205/50 R16 tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres. 

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