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Nexen 195/65 R15 Tyres

Your old tyres have seen better days, and you don’t feel safe with them anymore?

But which tyres to go for is not always an easy decision – especially if your budget is tight. In such a case, why not go for one of our best-selling tyre brands – Nexen.

Here are a few examples of Nexen tyres we have available:

Nexen Blue and Blue HD Plus

The solid inner and outer shoulder blocks provide better traction for improved cornering and exceptional braking performance even in harsh driving conditions. The specialised tread compound, with fully loaded hydrophilic filler and a microstructure of special polymers, ensures excellent traction in wet and dry conditions.

With its combination of all-around and side grooves, the Blue HD Plus improves water drainage, significantly improving braking performance and handling.

The tread compound and optimised structural design, which have been specially adapted for each part of the tyres, ensure low fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, which in turn leads to good energy efficiency.

Nexen N PRIZ 4S

High-performance all-season tyres for cars

- Maximum Wet Performance: Maximized braking performance and wet handling through the combination of the latest generation SBR technology (synthetic rubber) and speciality resin.

- Balanced snow properties: The new, innovative tread compound with high silica content, excellent properties are achieved on snow.

- All-year performance: Top performance - 365 days a year. State-of-the-art rubber compound guarantees best year-round control at all temperatures.

You can order these tyres easily via our website. We also have Nexen winter tyres available on request. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right tyre, please get in touch.

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