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Nexen 195/55 R15 Tyres

Every once in a while every vehicle needs new tyres. The question then is which tyres to buy. 

There is a confusing variety of tyre brands and models available, so most vehicles are struggling to choose the right tyres. 

The choice is even more difficult if you only have a medium- or low budget available to spend on your tyres and cannot go for the “big names”. 

Therefore, we at My Oxford Tyres in Oxford have done our best to also cater for those customers who have less money to spend. 

One of our customer’s favourite medium-budget tyre brand is Nexen. 

This brand is based in South Korea and manufactures tyres since 1942, even though Nexen tyres have only been available in the UK and Europe for about 20 years. 

Nexen tyres have a very good reputation due to many good reasons – safety, high-quality materials, technical innovation – and not to forget, the excellent pricing. 

If you are interested in this tyre brand, just have a good look at our website.  

For example, if you need tyres in size 195/55 R15, just select these measurements in our tyre search section. Within a couple of seconds, you will see all available tyres. You can now select tyres by brand or price and compare the properties of the tyres (braking distance, rolling noise etc.) and the prices. 

Once you have chosen the tyres you like best, simply follow the ordering instructions and continue to the safe payment. 

You can certainly also choose which day and time are most convenient for you to come to us to get the tyres fitted.  

When you come to us, we will have everything ready for you so there will never be any long waiting times. 

Feel free to call us or come to see us if you have any queries or need help choosing the right tyres for your vehicle. We will be happy to give you advice. 

Buy cheap 195/55/ R15 Nexen tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres. 

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