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Nexen 195/50 R15 Tyres

For many vehicle owners, this topic is one of the most annoying ones when it comes to car maintenance – new tyres! 

But it does not have to be like that. If your car’s suspension and alignment are ok, you will probably need new tyres only every few years. 

But then, of course, you should think about what kind of tyre (brand, model, season etc.) you want to buy. 

Let our My Oxford Tyres help you with this.  

On this page, for example, we would like to introduce Nexen Tyres to you. 

This brand from South Korea has been around here in the UK now for a few years and has gained more and more in popularity ever since. 

Nexen tyres are of high quality without costing a fortune.  

Whether you are looking for tyres for a family car or a sports vehicle, Nexen tyres definitely have tyres for every purpose. On our My Oxford Tyres website, you will find Nexen tyres as well as many other brands and tyre models for every season and in all standard tyre sizes.  

To find your perfect tyres, you just need to choose the correct tyre size, like in this example 195/50 R15 and without delay, you will see all the tyres we can offer you. 

You can now compare the prices of different brands and models or go straight away to one particular brand. We have also put plenty of product information on each tyre. 

Once you have made a decision, just follow the easy to use ordering instructions.  

We will be happy also to fit and balance your new tyres for you. You can let us know your preferred day and time for it with your order. So when you come to us, everything will be prepared for you and we will change the tyres for you while you wait. We will certainly also take care of the disposal of your old tyres for you. 

Any queries? No problem at all! Give us a call or come over to see us. We will help you. 

Buy cheap 195/50 R15 Nexen tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres. 

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