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Nexen 185/55 R15 Tyres

    Have you ever bought Nexen tyres before?

    If yes, you surely know how reliable, safe and hard wearing they are.

    And for all those you have never bought Nexen tyres before, but are thinking of buying a new set of tyres soon without spending a lot of money, we would like to introduce this tyre brand to you on this page.

    Nexen is a tyre manufacturer from South Korea. It is not a new company. Nexen was actually founded back in 1942. So plenty of time to develop new materials and technologies.

    Nexen is selling its products successfully in more than 120 countries around the globe.

    Their tyres get tested regularly – especially on race tracks since Nexen is actively involved in car racing.

    Nexen tyres are of great and safe quality, but since the production costs in Korea are lower, they can be offered at a very decent price over here.

    Nexen tyres are among our best-selling mid-budget tyre brands.

    Please have a look at our My Oxford Tyres website. If it is size 185/55/ R15 you are after, just type this size into our search engine. With only one click you can now see all available tyres for summer-, winter and all-season in this size, including several different Nexen tyre models.

    Now it is so easy to compare the prices and look at details like rolling noise, fuel efficiency etc.

    You will be pleasantly surprised when looking at our prices. Once you have decided which brand and model you would like to go for, just follow the simple ordering instruction and choose a suitable fitting appointment if you like.

    For more information or expert advice, we will always be there for you. Just get in touch with us.

    Buy cheap 185/55 R15 Nexen tyres in Oxford – My Oxford Tyres.

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