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Nexen 175/65 R14 Tyres

Is your next tyre purchase due?

Are you looking for good quality tyres without having to pay a lot of money?

My Oxford Tyres can help you.

What about choosing a great medium range tyre brand like Nexen for example?

Nexen tyres are among our top sellers for good reasons.

In size 175/65/R14 we have the following Nexen models available for you:

Nexen N blue ECO and HD Plus

Due to the optimised contact surface of the profile, a uniform distribution of the pressure is achieved which results in a longer life of the tyre. The tight and well-positioned tread grooves allow a significant improvement in braking performance, especially in wet road conditions. Three continuous circumferential profile lines in the middle, combined with an optimal block layout leads to a high level of driving safety in even driving, even at top speed. The various forms of tread design absorb possible vibrations that could be caused by various road surfaces. This supports a pleasant and comfortable ride.

Nexen CP661 XL

Summer tyres with a non-directional profile. The circumferential tread rib ensures good straight-line stability and direct steering response. The rubber compound ensures good dry handling and low rolling resistance.

Rodian CT8

A great and very economic standard tyre – perfect for vans. Please have a closer look at our website. There you will find the perfect tyres for every season and every budget.

Cheap Nexen 175/65 R14 tyres – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

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