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Special features of motorhome tyres

These are specially designed tyres that must guarantee safety even on long journeys. They handle heavy weights and can withstand long distances. Tyre manufacturers have developed tyres specifically designed for motorhomes and trailers because their wear analysis showed different weight distributions between two tyres on the same axle (more than when used with vans). Also, the motorhome driver is in comparison to the driver of a commercial vehicle more sensitive to comfort and resulting from the tyres driving noise.

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Our recommendations

When changing tyres, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for size or approval (specific markings, etc.). Some recommendations for motorhome tyres:

    • Check the tread depth regularly. The minimum tread by law must not be lower than 1.6 mm.
    • Do not over-load your vehicle (do not exceed the recommendations regarding the total weight of your vehicle)
    • Monitor the weight distribution of your vehicle; the weight in the camper should be distributed appropriately.
    • Regularly check the pressure of your motorhome tyres, especially on longer trips.
    • Keep the speed limits so that you always have the vehicle under control.


If you only use your motorhome in summer and leave it off for the rest of the year, you should remove the tyres and jack up the vehicle. Why? Due to the substantial weight of the motorhome, the pressure exerted on the ground-contacting area of the tyre can deform the tyres and affect their performance. When storing your tyres, proceed as follows:

Mark the appropriate position (front, back, left, right) to reassemble the tyres in the correct position.

tore the tyres in a dry place.

If your tyres are mounted on rims, stack them and do not let them stand upright.

From time to time, change the position of the tyres to avoid permanent pressure on the lowermost tyre.

Purchase of new tyres

Even if you do not use your motorhome a lot and the tyres still look good, after about six years, you should change them as the rubber material becomes brittle and unsafe.

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