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Kumho 235/45 R17 Tyres

Tyres being a crucial component of a car, all vehicle owners want to have the best tyres for their motor. The big tyre tycoons such Bridgestone, Continental, etc. are still the kings of the tyre market. However, there are a lot of mid-range tyre manufacturers who have come into prominence. One such tyre brand is Kumho Tyres. 

Every company needs inspiration and Flintstones was Kumho’s, which prompted them to start operations in 1960. Soon, they got into the world of motorsport, developing tyres for Formula One. Kumho is the official sponsor and tyre supplier for International Auto GP as well. Currently, they employ around 5000 workers and supplies tyres to over 180 countries. 

We, at My Oxford Tyres, are one of the leading retailers for Kumho tyres in the UK. Our garage keeps their best tyres Oxford. From 4X4, performance tyres, seasonal tyres, we have it all. 

The thing we have seen recently is that the use of a particular tyre size is on the rise. Kumho 235/45 R17 tyres are the ones which are being widely used nowadays. 

Before getting to know the different Kumho tyres Bicester of this size, let’s look at what these numbers on the tyres mean. 235 signify the tyre width, while 45 is the aspect ratio. It denotes that the height of the sidewall is 45% of the total tyre width. The type of tyre is symbolised by R, which is radial in this case. Finally, 17 refer to the rim diameter in inches. 

Now, let’s have a quick look at the different Kumho tyres of this size!


This tyre is specifically made for middle and upper range sedans and coupes. Its enhanced tread pattern maximises wet grip. The ECSTA PS31 provides excellent control at high speeds with precise cornering. Also, its large shoulder blocks reduce aquaplaning by a significant margin as well. 


This is a part of Kumho’s performance range of tyres. It provides exceptional dry and wet grip, thus increasing safety. Designed explicitly for luxury sedans and sports cars, it offers excellent stability at high speeds. It gives a short braking distance and also provides resistance to aquaplaning. 

These two are few of the Kumho 235/45 R17 tyres that are extremely popular these days among car owners. Hence, if you are looking for tyres of this size to replace your old cars, you can drop by at our garage. We also assist in choosing the best tyres suited to your vehicle.

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