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Kumho 225/45 R17 Tyres

    ReaKorean tyre manufacturer Kumho is currently ruling the UK market. Offering a wide range of tyres, this giant South Korean company ranks high in making high-performance tyres at an affordable price range. This exceptional quality gives this flagship tyre band an edge over its competitors.

    We at My Oxford Tyres offer you a wide selection of Kumho tyres Bicester for various types of cars. With different types and sizes, this brand is perfectly suitable for sedans and even sports coupes. Amidst all, one of the most-selling tyre sizes in the recent past years is Kumho 225/45 R17 tyres. 

    Here, 225 signifies its width, and 25 denotes the aspect ratio, i.e., the height of its sidewall is 45% of the overall tyre width (225 mm). Lastly, R indicates the type of construction (Radial tyre) and 17 signifies the diameter of the rim in inches.

    Ensuring the smoothest ride with improved performance, Kumho 225/45 R17 tyres feature the following models:

  • ECSTA HS51
  • Providing maximum comfort and optimum safety, these tyres Oxford are one of most the sought-after tyres. Designed to handle the unpredictable weather of UK, ECSTA HS51 offers strong wet road performance. Moreover, with the cutting-edge tread designs and noise-reduction technology, this tyre is what your luxury vehicle deserves for sure.

  • ECSTA PS71
  • Available in multiple sizes, Kumho ECSTA PS71 is an excellent Ultra-High Performance tyre. It provides a superior grip and helps the rider to tackle corners with ease.

    This summer car tyre with its shorter braking distance and improved resistance against lateral aquaplaning gives the rider outstanding stability. From executive saloons to sports cars, ECSTA PS71 is a perfect fit for all.

  • Another famed tyre from Kumho is ECOWING ES31. Known for its supremacy in reducing fuel consumption, this is a pioneering model from the ECOWING range. 

    Its unique compound blend makes this tyre eco-friendlier than most comparable products in its segment. Additionally, with a reduced rolling resistance and improved wet grip technology, these tyres can make a rider feel secure on the road.

  • ECSTA PS31
  • Designed to give drivers a class-leading handling performance, the ECSTA PS31 is one of the best bets for experiencing excellent driving stability. Moreover, with state-of-the-art technology, this tyre comes with an enhanced tread compound ensuring exceptional wet grip.

    It suits all middle and upper range cars and is available at our garage at an affordable price.

    For further queries or to get a quote, give us a call or visit our garage on any working day. Our technicians will be delighted to answer any questions you might have and choose the perfect tyres for you. 

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