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Kumho 215/55 R16 Tyres

    Tyres serve to be the legs of your vehicle and like all other components, undergo wear and tear. So, it becomes necessary to ensure their periodic checking & maintenance and if required, alter them. Additionally, fitting new tyres becomes a hassle owing to the presence of a myriad of options. 

    Irrespective of all variants and tyre options, what truly matters is the tyre size. However, owing to the lack of adequate information regarding tyre intricacies, people often end up with mismatching fits. 

    At My Oxford Tyres, we will decode the specific measurement details written on the side of a tyre. In this respect, let’s consider the 215/55 R16 tyres (a widely used model among sedans and hatchbacks).

    In this reading:

  • 215 refers to the cross section of the tyre actually touching a terrain when in perfect horizontal position. It is measured in mm.
  • 55 denotes the ratio between the total cross-sectional area to the area of sidewalls. It is also known as the aspect ratio of all tyres Oxford. 
  • R is the tyre make (in this case ‘Radial’).
  • 16 refers to the tyre diameter. 
  • From the above information, we can decipher that 215/55 R16 are tyres predominantly finding use in small vehicles or a station wagoner. So, if you are looking for the same size, then consider the Kumho 215/55 R16 tyres. 

    What’s special about Kumho?

    Originating from a South Korean background, Kumho found its way in the European automobile sector in the early 2000s. Today it is one of the leading names when it comes to car tyres, and we at My Oxford Tyres bear a similar thought. 

    Moreover, these Kumho tyres escalate your car’s braking capacities considerably. This comes as a result of its deeper tread design with a diagonal alignment. Thus, Kumho is gaining popularity among car owners searching for quality tyres Bicester. 

    Why buy Kumho from us?

    Be it any on-road emergency or a generic tyre replacement; we bring you the latest lineup of Kumho 215/55 R16 tyres for your car. You can also purchase these tyres online by visiting our site or giving us a call for an advanced booking. 

    In addition to keeping our services within your budget, we assure you provide you with top quality service each and every time. All you need to do is hand over your prized possession to us and rest assured of receiving the desired results. 

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