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Kumho 215/45 R17 Tyres

Who doesn’t want impressive and cost-effective mileage figures while driving his/her vehicle? However, most of us in the pursuit of mileage forget about one crucial aspect that affects the same - TYRES! Performance along with fuel economy is a perfect balance every car owner dreams of, and this is where the Kumho 215/45 R17 tyres come into play. 

Tyre size vs fuel economy vs performance–

Several vehicles are made for 17 inches tyres; swapping them for 18 or 19-inch variants affects their performance drastically. A larger tyre will not only decrease fuel efficiency but hamper performance by generating more heat. 

However, the 215/45 R17 tyres from Kumho provide a perfect balance between fuel economy and performance. In case you are unaware of tyre readings, we at My Oxford Tyres bring you the following breakup:

  • Tyre width
  • 215 mm denotes the complete width of your car tyre. In a nutshell, it defines the thickness of a tyre set.

  • Aspect ratio
  • Aspect ratio measures the percentage of the sidewalls to the total measurements. ‘45’ denotes that 45mm out of 215mm comprise the sidewalls. 

  • Tyre construction
  • Constructions of tyres denote the alignment of the cord piles to the direction of travel. “R” denotes Radial and the alignment here is 90 degrees. 

  • Tyres size
  • 17mm is the tyre size or the diameter of these Kumho 215/45 R17 tyres.

    All in all, we at My Oxford Tyres prefer this variant of Kumho tyres Oxford owing to its precise balance of measurements. 

Which vehicles fit Kumho tyres?

If you are being sceptical about the variant of tyre fitting your vehicle, then rest assured of using Kumho tyres. Catering to a wide range of vehicles from hatchbacks to sedans and SUVs, Kumho will serve to be your one-stop solution. 

Here is a potential compatibility list provided by our in-house experts for your assistance. 

  • Premium vehicles:
  • Audi A3 and A4 along with all the cars of BMW 1 and 3 series use 215/45 R17 tyres from Kumho. Additionally, the Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Lexus CT, IS & IS also use this tyre model. Other than this Mazda, Mercedes Benz and Mitsubishi are also prominent names in this category.

  • Standard vehicles:
  • All models of Opel, the Mondeo from Ford and Fiat Avventura fall in this category. Moreover, Peugeot, Scion, Subaru and Scoda also use this Kumho tyre.

    While looking for tyres Bicester, give us a call at My Oxford Tyres or book an appointment with us online. Our expert professionals will be at your service with the latest make of Kumho tyres. 

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