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Kumho 205/55 R16 Tyres

    Be it summers or winters, providing your vehicle with the precise set of tyres is necessary to ensure a hassle-free ride. However, owing to insufficient knowledge of tyre variants, people often end up purchasing a mismatched set.

    This is why, we at My Oxford Tyres, bring forth in-detail decryption of tyre specifics and the right ones for your vehicle. If you are looking for summer tyres Oxford, then the Kumho 205/55 R16 can aptly serve your purpose.

    Deciphering from Kumho 205/55 R16 tyres, we get,

  • The size of the tyre base which is 205mm (This surface comes in contact with the tarmac).
  • 55mm is the sidewall width and is also known as the tyre’s aspect ratio.
  • ‘R’ signifies its radial variant.
  • 16 is its diameter in inches.
  • How are the tyre dimensions crucial?  

    The readings specified on the tyres sides provide an indication of all vehicular models that will be compatible with the same. 

    For example, the wheel arches of different vehicles vary depending on their size and make. Fitting mismatching tyres can cause friction between the arch walls and the tyres generating excess heat and causing tyre damage. 

    Similarly, knowledge of tyre diameter helps in judging its height and its capability to fit in a vehicle’s wheel arches. 

    Why go for Kumho tyres?

    Tyres from Kumho are popular for making their way both in hatchbacks – sedans as well as in light trucks. Additionally,

  • These tyres employ synthetic rubbers rendering extra bounce and shock absorbing capabilities on bumpy terrains. 
  • Being used predominantly in the summers, they incorporate specific heat withstanding elements; thereby preventing against unprecedented leaks.
  • Proficient engineers of reliable auto garages like us at My Oxford Tyres recommend Kumho 205/55 R16 tyres keeping in mind their durability. Also, the presence of deeper cross treads generating better aquaplaning significance. 

    This, in turn, provides better traction over softer surfaces and ensures better fuel economy figures. 

    How do we function?

    End your search for reliable auto garages selling Kumho tyres Bicester with us. With a proficient team of experts at our disposal, we ensure the right fit for your vehicle each and every time. 

    Moreover, we provide the latest line-up of Kumho tyres delving in summer, winter as well as all-season variants. Thus, repair or alter your car tyres – we are here to help. 

    So, without any delay, book an appointment with us at My Oxford Tyres tyres and gift your vehicle the perfect Kumho fit!

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