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  • Monday 08:30am - 17:30pm
  • Tuesday08:30am - 17:30pm
  • Wednesday08:30am - 17:30pm
  • Thursday08:30am - 17:30pm
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If you are looking to avail high quality servicing for your car, reach out to us at My Oxford Tyres, and we will take care of all your car woes. If you want to purchase various motor parts, you will also find those from top brands in our inventory.

Here are some of our products.

      • Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels have gained more popularity than standard steel wheels as the former is lighter in weight, more durable and gives higher fuel economy. The finishing of alloy wheels is quite difficult. So, if you are considering of buying alloy wheels Kelmscott, check our website for the various options available in our stock.

      • Tyres

We are recognised retailers of branded tyres Kelmscott. Our inventory contains all types of tyres, be it summer, winter, all-season or 4x4. No matter the model of the car you drive, you will find the required tyres in our stock. We source tyres only of prominent brands -

  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone

Take a look at some of our services.

      • Mobile tyre fitting

We remain mindful of the needs and requirements of our esteemed customers while extending services. The tyres of your car may likely need refitting, but it may not be possible for you to drive down to the garage. In such an instance, youcan avail our service of mobile tyre fitting Kelmscott, and have the servicing done at your preferred location.

      • Wheel alignment

Is your car getting pulled to either side of the road while driving?Do you feel vibrations in the steering wheel? It indicates that your car wheels are misaligned. Our technicians have the due expertise for wheel alignment Kelmscott.If misaligned wheels are not addressed at the earliest, it may not only damage the suspension system of your car but also cause an accident.

      • Puncture repair

Tyre punctures are quite frequent on the roads of Kelmscott. Our services of puncture repair Kelmscott will ensure that it is fixed within the shortest possible time. The technicians here are adept in doing the repairs as per the British standards.

      • Removing wheel nut

Are you unable to find the locking wheel nut key? Do not try to open the wheel nut by force;instead,contact us for locking wheel nut removal Kelmscott.

Apart from these services, My Oxford Tyres also offers brake inspection, exhausts and emissions check, and wheel balancing among others. For further queries, please call us on 01234 56789.

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